5 Types of Summer Camps You Didn’t Know Existed


When it comes to types of summer camps, there is no shortage of options. From academic summer camps and summer school to outdoor adventure camps, there’s something for everyone. Want to learn more about the types of summer camps available? Read on.

Sports Summer Camps

Summer can be a great time to practice your athletic skills and prepare for the coming season. From running drills, building endurance, and even meeting college coaches, the right sports summer camp can give you a competitive edge and help you exceed on your high school sports team in the fall. Programs can range from a few days, like Cheshire Academy’s Football Camp, to a full summer of training.

Education Camps

Education camps, sometimes called academic summer camps, are different from summer school. Unlike summer school, which is usually a highly structured program with graded course materials, education camps can be more exploratory in nature. These ungraded learning experiences can range from mastering a second language to environmental sustainability.

Arts Camps

Get creative in an arts-focused camp. Whether you’re a visual artist looking to paint landscapes, a musician mastering a new song, or an actor looking to participate in a stage production, an arts camp can be a fun and exciting way to spend your summer. Camps may offer a range of artistic activities, or they may ask you to focus on one artistic medium. So, grab your camera, paint brushes, costumes, ballet shoes, and trumpet, and find the camp that’s right for you.

Day Camps

Students looking to stay close to home can find a variety of local camps that only take place during the day. Often with a schedule similar to a school day, students get a taste of summer camp but don’t have to travel and stay overnight. Day camps are often less expensive than overnight camps, so they can be an affordable alternative for families looking to save a little money.

Overnight Camps

Overnight camps, also often referred to as sleepaway camps, provide students a chance to live in dorms or cabins for an extended period of time. Attending an overnight camp can be a great way for children to gain independence and resiliency, learn time management, and be a part of a tight-knit community.

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