How a residential summer camp can prepare your child for boarding school

If you’re thinking about having your child apply to boarding school, you might want to consider a residential summer camp to help them prepare for boarding school life. Why?

A residential summer camp is a great way for your child to get used to being away from home, and help them get a taste of boarding school life.

Experience life away from home

Most residential summer camps are a few weeks long, which means children experience life away from family and friends for a short period of time. This is a great way to help your child get used to spending time away from home. This experience can help your child develop more independence and improve their confidence levels, as they figure out how to navigate their everyday life without a parent right by their side. Spending a few weeks away from family and in a new environment at a residential summer camp is a lot easier to handle than the idea of going away for several months at time, for both the child and the parent!

See what dorm life is like

At boarding school, students have roommates and live in dormitories or houses, meaning they have to get used to sharing their living spaces. Residential summer camps typically have students sleeping in cabins or dormitories, which means they’ll get a taste of boarding school life. Community bathrooms, scheduled lights out, and getting along with children from different parts of the country and even the world are common practice. Learning to live by a new schedule and as part of a new community will help prepare your child for life at boarding school.

Get to know the school

If the school your child wants to apply to offers a residential summer camp, this can be the perfect way to help him or her get used to the campus and maybe even meet some potential classmates. Schools like Cheshire Academy offer residential summer camp programs that are even taught by the same teachers your child would have during the academic year. Plus, they’ll find out what the food is like, a question that most students ask when they’re applying to boarding school. Summer camp can be like a test drive to see if your child likes the school, and the food, which can ease the transition come the fall.  


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