New Faculty ’12 Part 1

As part of the newspaper club, my job was to interview half of the new faculty here at Cheshire Academy. Out of all of the seven people I had to interview, I was greeted with a smile and a handshake. … Read More

Linguistic Diversity

The students I teach collectively represent more than a dozen different languages from all around the world. These languages are markers of who the students are, where they have been, and what they have seen. With their different sounds, different … Read More

Women’s Sports at CA: Strides for the Future

The crowd is roaring. The lights are shining down on Simosa. The parents and students are anxiously viewing the scoreboard, awaiting our victory, as the football players carry out a win for their home game, only to be followed by … Read More

International Perspective

Interview Charlotte Leser (Germany) By Ellie Stamp  Q.What made you decide to come to Cheshire Academy? A.The IB program; there are only two schools in Connecticut that offer the program, which will let me go to college in Germany. Q. … Read More

CA Artist Interview: Cheng (Jack) Cheng

Interview by Christopher Jamidar I interviewed Jack Jack in his studio on the second level of the gym.  We discussed some of his artwork and what got him interested and inspired by art. His studio is only a quarter of … Read More

Why a Foreign Language

Guillermo Garcia interviewed a Spanish teacher, Mr. Hiertz, and a French teacher, Ms. Longacre, about foreign languages. Why it is beneficial to study a foreign language? Why should we care?  Guillermo: What do you enjoy the most about teaching students … Read More

Fall Play: A Christmas Carol and The Raven

This fall, The Cheshire Academy Varsity Players performed two renowned classics, The Raven and A Christmas Carol, each with their own spin.  This season, director Kathleen Keith and producer Megan Chenot, made the insightful decision to turn both into musicals. The show opened … Read More