A Modest and Caring Man – Mr. Hundley

By Kinda Ettee-Nasri with editing by Mrs. Moriarty How was your experience in Cheshire Academy? For the five years that I have been here; it’s been very good.  It allowed me the opportunity to come back to New England with … Read More

Huge Wins for Cheshire Academy

By Lilli Mitchell The Cheshire academy 2013 spring season, was certainly exciting and one full of success. Two of our teams made it to New England’s, Softball and Track and Field. TRACK AND FIELD On May 18th, Track and Field … Read More

Farewell and Thank You

By: Lauren Freedman What is change? Is it the smell of the crisp autumn air as you leave behind all you have ever known? Is it the feeling of dread or nervousness you get in the pit of your stomach? … Read More

Gun Control – A Hot Topic

By Tommy Cavaliere  “To disarm the people is the most effectual way to enslave them.” – George Mason. Due to the recent wave of shootings, especially at Sandy Hook Elementary School, gun control has become a hot topic, particularly in Washington … Read More

Gun Control: Discussions and Compromise

By Evan Solomon Gun control has been a highly debated topic in the recent months. It hits especially close to home in our community, where the Newtown Massacre occurred less than thirty minutes away. It was a gruesome crime that … Read More