Cheshire Academy: Thoughts from the Headmaster

By Jack Krieger From 1999 until 2003, Dr. Jerry Larson was the Head of Cheshire Academy. Under his supervision, Cheshire Academy saw a lot of positive change in the form of a new residence hall and headmaster’s house. Under Dr. … Read More

Democrats: As Stubborn as a Mule

Tommy Cavaliere Disgusting. Hypocritical. Oblivious. These are three words that come to mind when contemplating the recent government shutdown, thanks to the clear political divide that now runs through Washington D.C. Democrats are on one end and Republicans on the … Read More

The Great Republican Temper Tantrum of 2013

By Connie Benedict  Due to fiscal problems, the government was shutdown on October 1st 2013. The following is a brief history on how this happened. There were gaps in the 2013 budget because Congress could not find a way to … Read More

Field Hockey

By Fatimah Farid Cheshire Academy’s fall season has been off to a great start. The Varsity Field Hockey team may not be undefeated, but they have had a great start to their season. This year’s field hockey team is a … Read More

Girls’ Dress Code

By Meghan Chayka The way a person dresses can define who they are. It’s the first thing that someone notices when they greet a new person for the first time. It’s the way people get to express who they are … Read More

Girls Varsity Soccer

By Meghan Chayka Everybody loves an underdog, right? An underdog is always that one team who people think never has a chance of winning. Then, at the last second they pull out the win, surprising everyone. Well at Cheshire Academy … Read More

Cheshire Academy Volleyball

By Gillian Reinhard Cheshire Academy’s fall season has been a great one so far; just ask the varsity volleyball team. They have led Cheshire Academy to eight victories and only one defeat. This year’s team is a great mix of … Read More

The Beginning of the Cheshire Academy

By Zhechen Wu Fact checked by Mrs. Moriarty  In 1792, several Episcopal clergymen wanted to do something for Connecticut, so they suggested at the next convocation to build a new school named The Episcopal Academy of Connecticut. However, for two … Read More

Weekends at Cheshire

By: Emma Gawronski There are always things to do on the weekends at Cheshire Academy. For certain events, students must reserve a spot by signing up on the portal for what they wish to do. Some popular activities this year … Read More

An International Perspective

By Samuel Xu “Sam, why did you come to America?” I wait for two seconds; my mouth was open, ready to explain, whereas my brain searched throughout its database, failing to return a response. Most people would not pick this … Read More