Weekends at Cheshire

By: Emma Gawronski

There are always things to do on the weekends at Cheshire Academy. For certain events, students must reserve a spot by signing up on the portal for what they wish to do. Some popular activities this year have included mall trips, movie trips, The Big E, and barbecues at football games. One of this year’s first weekend activities was a movie shown on a projector outside on Sevigny Field; Cotton candy, popcorn and snow cones were served.

Parents’ Weekend has always been a big event at Cheshire Academy with  several activities happening across campus in which parents may  partake. The weekend was kicked off with a waited dinner in the Dining  Common for the parents while their children ate in the student center.

Emma Tommy L

Twenty students were asked to be waiters and waitresses, and one of  those twenty was a host: Tommy Cavaliere, shown to the left.

Emma Aidan R

One of the waiters, Aidan McBreen, shown  to the right, is practicing holding a  platter.

Of the people asked, the most favored activity so far has been the West Farms Mall trips because students do not just shop, but they can socialize and eat at the restaurants within the mall. A second year student commented that the school dances at Choate are also really fun; they hope it is a more frequent option this year. Students also wish to go ice-skating, have basketball tournaments, play paintball, and have spa trips during weekends to come. With the help of Ms. Barry, these activities may happen later this year. For those of you who claim, “weekends are not fun,” do not hesitate to request whatever you wish.

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  1. al green says:

    its been almost twenty years since i attended. ch Cheshire and things look as though change but still maintain the same. tradition we love

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