All Assignments to be Handwritten

By Tom Zhai Cheshire Academy is famous for its students’ academic excellence. Students have demonstrated their awesome academic abilities and have been performing exceptionally well during the past few years. Cheshire Academy faculty members are now trying their best to … Read More

Quidditch Season

By Meghan Chayka Without a doubt, sports run the school here at Cheshire Academy. While football, soccer, swimming, drama, etc. might seem to get all of the attention when it comes to winning titles during the championship and award season; … Read More

Formal Fridays to happen daily

By Maddy Lanni Dr. Marson has officially approved the new motion to make formal Fridays happen daily. This applies to students, teachers, and staff. This new rule will be enforced beginning April 7, 2014. Students who don’t follow the new policy will … Read More

Absence Mania

By: Tara Lynch Attention all Cheshire Academy students: All missed classes will be made up with evening and weekend classes. Dr. Marson and Ms. Lenkins have made this new rule because too many students are missing class. Many students do not … Read More

Community Life Announces Dorm Switch

By: Chris Jamidar There is wonderful and exciting news to be heard. For one day and one day only, a magnificent change will happen; a change that will alter Cheshire Academy, for the better. Cheshire Academy will students will be … Read More

Dining Hall Serves Only Carrots

By: Grace Greene An unheard of epidemic has hit Cheshire Academy. Just last week, there were a reported sixteen cases of semi-blindness among the student population. One student, a freshman named Harriet Fordin, has fell victim to this surprising attack. … Read More