CA Cookbook In Progress

By: Grace Greene ‘17


Bryn Clarkson ’17 is producing a cookbook to capture the unique flavor of Cheshire Academy. One of thcookbook-761588_960_720e 2016 Rizzolo-Larson Venture Grant recipients, Clarkson was given an endowment to help her reach her goal of producing this one-of-a-kind book. The Rizzolo-Larson Venture Grant is put in place to support students to carry out unique projects outside of the classroom, which Clarkson is looking to do through her creation of a schoolwide cookbook that is a culmination of recipes from all over the world. “I came up with this idea based off the International Fair and all the amazing food there,” Clarkson says.


The International Fair took place on January 15. Students headed tables that represented some of the most popular dishes from their country. There were tables from over twenty countries, and each included dishes unique to that place. This diversity is a defining trait of Cheshire Academy where we have students from over thirty different countries in attendance. It is showcasing this that motivated Clarkson, whose, “end goal is a full CA cookbook with dishes from all around the world.” She, “thinks having this tangible proof of the diversity of our community would be great.”


The cookbook will be student edited with the help of the Communications Office, but before they get started, they need submissions. “I have seven recipes right now and I don’t know what I’m going to do with seven recipes,” Clarkson says of the current state of her project,“ so please call home or pull up any recipes you’ve made here and send them in. I appreciate every single submission.”


If you or a family member has a recipe they would like to submit, please fill out the Google Form below.


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