Cheshire Academy Hosts Annual College Fair

By: Sriyuth Sagi ’17


As a college prep school, Cheshire Academy has always provided great opportunities to students, including the annual College Fair. It allows them to see new colleges and helps them get experience with the admissions process. On April 21, CA students had an important opportunity to interact will college admissions officers at this annual College Fair organized by College Counseling. The event was required for the sophomore and junior classes. From the formal Thursday to the classes juniors and sophomores missed, it was definitely an important event for the CA community.  


The College Fair is an annual event which is a great chance for students to see new colleges and give juniors, in particular, an experience of what it is like to meet and interview with college representatives. “Our setup this year was unique in that we had all of our juniors conduct three mock interviews with school counselors. This is a great experience for our students and, for many of them, it was their first time interviewing as part of the college application process,” said Senior Associate Director of College Counseling Dan Monahan. In these mock interviews, juniors were provided with tips on how to excel at their actual interviews in the future. “I thought it was great because it gave us an opportunity to learn and experience what an actual college interview would be like,” said Puenda Namgyel ‘17.


Cheshire Academy hosted 150 schools at the College Fair, providing an impressive array of colleges and universities, from the University of Connecticut to the American University of Paris, ranging from large state schools to small liberal arts colleges. Regina McCoy ‘17 said, “The college fair was a great experience explore diverse college options. Cheshire Academy has provided us with the tools to not only explore colleges in America, but across the world as well.” Every student was able to see exactly what type of college he or she may fit into and the event acted as a starting point into the forays of college applications or choices.

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