Tucker’s Trials and Tribulations

By: Jonathan Friedman ‘17

Jonathan Friedman recently sat down (on the ground) to have a chat with a good friend of his.  Tucker may only be two years old, but he sure had lots to “say.”

IMG_0616Jonathan:  So Tucker, what breed of dog are you?

Tucker: I am a Standard Poodle.  There are many kinds of Poodles out there but I am the tallest kind of my breed.

Jonathan:  How old are you?

Tucker:  I am two years old.  I certainly hope my owners have a good birthday treat for me to celebrate.

Jonathan:  Do you have a favorite toy?

Tucker:  Well, my favorite toys are my owners and their friends, but if I can’t get their attention, give me a tennis ball and I will be in heaven!

Jonathan:  I know you have a lot of friends, but do you have a best friend?

Tucker:  Absolutely!  My best friend is Sam Michaels.  Whenever I see him, I can’t stop wagging my tail and jumping up and down.

Jonathan: Do you live here at Cheshire Academy?

Tucker:  I do indeed.  I live in Motter Hall with English Teacher Wesley Simon, right here on the campus, which is awesome because I have so many people who want to pet me.

Jonathan:  Speaking of petting you, you have really soft fur.

Tucker:  That is very true – my coat is soft. But actually, I don’t have any fur at all.  I have hair just like you.  Because of that, I don’t shed very much and if people have allergies, they can still play with me without sneezing.  My owner says that I have “luscious brown hair” and that is a fact.


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