The Entrepreneurship Club at Cheshire Academy

By: Tara Lynch ‘18 The Entrepreneurship Club is one of Cheshire Academy’s newest clubs, led by Science Teacher Raymond Cirmo, Head of School John Nozell and Director of External Affairs Richard Ferraro. All of these men have extensive backgrounds in … Read More

Violence in U.S. Schools: What’s the Solution?

by Grace Greene On April 9th, 2014, a sixteen-year-old student injured twenty-two people when he used two kitchen knives to go on a rampage through his school. On April 25th, a sixteen-year-old girl was stabbed by her classmate when she refused … Read More

Technology Take Over

By: Tara Lynch Next year, iPads are coming to Cheshire Academy. Cheshire Academy is launching a new iPad initiative, encouraging students to use technology for books and notes. Students and faculty alike are looking forward to this new project, which … Read More

Farewell and Thank You

By: Lauren Freedman What is change? Is it the smell of the crisp autumn air as you leave behind all you have ever known? Is it the feeling of dread or nervousness you get in the pit of your stomach? … Read More