Spring Break Experiences at Cheshire Academy

By: Kate Davis ‘18 During the Cheshire Academy spring break, several students took the opportunity to travel with their peers to interesting places. Baseball  Players from both the varsity baseball and junior varsity baseball teams, headed down south to Emerson, … Read More

A Great Winter Season for the Cheshire Academy Cats

By: Gillian Reinhard ‘16 As March break approaches, the Cheshire Academy Cats can celebrate another successful winter season across basketball games, swim meets, ski races, and fencing tournaments. Swimming:

Girls Varsity Soccer

By: Anni Garvy Coming into the season, the girls varsity soccer team had high expectations. Many new players had joined the team, giving us the largest number of players in years, 20. As a form of bonding the team took a … Read More

Cross Country

          By: Stefan Wnuk When people think of cross-country, they probably picture the handful of poor souls whom they see running past their practice everyday, heading to some unknown and distant destination with a look of … Read More

Field Hockey

By: Davi Hertz Field hockey, field hockey WOOO!!! You have probably heard these chants throughout campus the past couple of weeks. This just shows the excitement and love for the game that all the field hockey girls possess. Despite what … Read More

Varsity Girls Tennis is Making History

By Meghan Chayka James A. Baldwin once said, “People are trapped in history and history is trapped in them.” For a little more than a decade, the Cheshire Academy varsity girls tennis team has not had a winning season. To … Read More

Playoff Bound

By: Anni Garvy        Going into the 2014 varsity girls softball season, high expectations were set for the girls and the coaches. They had a title to defend in the highly anticipated season. During the middle of the … Read More

Running To Victory

By: Tom Zhai    Track & Field is a highly competitive sport offered in the spring at Cheshire Academy. Runners not only share their experience regarding running, but also learn to deal with a substantial number of difficulties. Doing well … Read More

Varsity Girls Lacrosse Stuns Spectators

By Connie Benedict This year Girls Lacrosse is having an amazing season. So far, with a record of 6-5 , we have a winning season: an impressive feat for a young team. Our top scorers are Miura Wiley ’17, Abby … Read More

America’s Favorite Pastime

By: Lauren Freedman As the metal bat connects with the baseball, the sound reverberates throughout the open field. Baseball is one of America’s favorite pastimes, a game beloved by almost everyone. Here at Cheshire Academy, Varsity Baseball is yet another … Read More