Fall Play: A Christmas Carol and The Raven

This fall, The Cheshire Academy Varsity Players performed two renowned classics, The Raven and A Christmas Carol, each with their own spin.  This season, director Kathleen Keith and producer Megan Chenot, made the insightful decision to turn both into musicals. The show opened … Read More

Varsity Football Season Wrap up and Look Ahead.

Going to a Cheshire Academy football game is an experience. The viewers can feel the anticipation in the air, lights shining down on the black-speckled turf, players in their ready positions, the perfect snap of the football, but no one really … Read More

Boys Varsity Soccer Season Wrap Up and Look Ahead

Undoubtedly, football may dominate Cheshire Academy sports, but boys’ varsity soccer is making a comeback. Boy’s varsity soccer may not hold an undefeated record, but every game they play helps them improve as a team. When Coach Shorten was asked … Read More