Happy New Year!

This week we celebrated Chinese traditional new year in the fencing room on Friday. As an international student from China, Chinese traditional new year is very important to me and to all the international students from China. Chinese traditional new year as important as Christmas to students from the United States. The families gather together and spend weeks celebrating with delicious food each year during the Spring Festival, which is the name of the traditional new year celebration. I really appreciate being here, and the campus celebration on Friday made me feel like students at Cheshire Academy are a big family.

We all had a great time on Friday night. The good news is we will have spring break two weeks after! And international students could get a chance to go home!

I really appreciate that Cheshire Academy provided us the opportunity to celebrate our Chinese New Year. I look forward to attend many activities like this. IMG_1082

Positive Post Its


This week the freshman class officers tried to make the CA campus have a fantastic Thursday. The officers, including myself, wrote out Positive Post It Notes for every person who attends the school’s Morning Meeting. Just before the meeting kicked off at 10 a.m., I put the post it’s around the dining hall so they would be waiting for the students when they arrived. It was so much fun to see the students’ faces light up when they walked in and saw the messages. I loved doing this project for the school and I hope everybody’s Thursday was a little brighter. Continue reading Positive Post Its

Model UN – Our Yale Experience

A few weeks ago we had an amazing opportunity to explore some of the global problems through discussion at Yale University, where the Model United Nations conference took a place! It was crazy and awesome and very inspirational at the same time!

The whole Model UN group left on Thursday with Ms. West and Ms. Swift since the first committee session occurred on Thursday night! I participated in a committee for the Brand New Delegates, the UNCPD. We focused on the development and population issues, but our discussion involved also the Border policies topic with a particular focus on Crimea or the Universal Access to reproductive Healthcare.

Each delegates came up with excellent ideas and proposals, therefore it was not the easiest thing in a world to let each voice be heard! It took courage and a certain level of skills in Public Speaking to actually stand up and initiate the moderated caucus, to open the speakers list, or to simply add an amendment, but that’s what it is actually all about: to show the world that even the smallest and least important country in the world has a voice that can change the whole world!

Not all the delegates were the same, specifically my committee varied a lot; we had to deal with those commonly perceived as “the overachievers,” then another sort of student that did not take the whole thing seriously. Both of those extremes were challenging, and I would say that one of the hardest things to do besides the actual research was to recognize the balance between being overwhelming and actively speaking. It is very important to give a space to the others so that even people who might be shy, or might not be experienced enough to talk out loud, feel comfortable enough to present their country’s ideas!

I got really lucky had great chairs on my committee, since one of them was actually from Ukraine; therefore, she was very familiar with a second topic and answered all the questions we had.

It was a very meaningful experience for me; we all got to socialize with students with the same interests with us and made new friends! I believe that this will not be the last conference that the Cheshire Academy students attend.

Winter Blues


I am very excited for spring to come. Spring means beautiful flowers and fresh crisp air. Spring is the most beautiful time on campus, in my opinion. Everything is bursting with pretty colors and there is warmth in the air.  It cheers you up after a long cold winter like we are having now! I am also excited to travel to Disney World with the Girls Lacrosse Team for Spring Training. I am going to be in the sun in three short weeks. I cannot wait! As we learn more and more information about our trip, I can’t help but get excited. I love going to Disney World. From riding the rides, to the food, you can’t go wrong. Disney is truly the most magical place on earth and I am so excited to visit it once again.

My favorite ride at Disney has to be Space Mountain in the Magic Kingdom. When I was eight, I went on it for the first time with my mom. She had to do a lot of convincing because I was very reluctant to go on! After our first time on the ride, I wanted to ride it again as many times as I could. That day we rode it three times and if I could I would have gone another three times, but we had other places in the park to check out. Now every time I go to Disney, I ride Space Mountain as many times as I possibly can! I strongly recommend this ride to everyone. I just hope my teammates will be able to handle it!

Play hard, work hard!

The weather during this long weekend was the coldest one in my life, but I did enjoy this long weekend.

I went to Washington D.C. and New York with my friends, my aunt, and her family. We went to see Lincoln’s memorial and the Washington monument. The monument was huge and beautiful. Between the Washington monument and Lincoln’s memorial, there was a reflecting river, which was very lucid. I remember seeing that scene in a movie. Washington D.C. is the capital city of the United States, which is why I have always been nancydesperate to go there. Finally, my wish came true.

Then we went to New York to do some shopping and sightseeing. It was not the first time I’ve been to New York; I have been here a couple of times. Even though I’ve been to New York City four times, I’m still amazed every time I was there. I was surprised that New York City was so modern, the pace of people was very fast, and I was startled by the never-ending tourists and taxis. Living there in the future has became my dream. I imagine that one day I will work on Wall Street, working and cooperating with the smartest people in the world. In order to achieve my goal, I have to study hard– and I will!

We all need to study hard in order to become the best version of ourselves. Some of the students have chosen their courses for next year already, while others are still struggling and considering. However, I chose to study some hard subjects next year because a person should grow by being challenged.

In short, I wish you all had a great long weekend, and be prepared to be back in class again. Most importantly, remember never give up on the path to your goals.