Happy New Year!

This week we celebrated Chinese traditional new year in the fencing room on Friday. As an international student from China, Chinese traditional new year is very important to me and to all the international students from China. Chinese traditional new year as important as Christmas to students from the United States. The families gather together and spend weeks celebrating with delicious food each year during the Spring Festival, which is the name of the traditional new year celebration. I really appreciate being here, and the campus celebration on Friday made me feel like students at Cheshire Academy are a big family.

We all had a great time on Friday night. The good news is we will have spring break two weeks after! And international students could get a chance to go home!

I really appreciate that Cheshire Academy provided us the opportunity to celebrate our Chinese New Year. I look forward to attend many activities like this. IMG_1082

Nancy Jiang '17

Nancy Jiang '17 is an international student originally hailing from China. An honor student and varsity golfer, Nancy writes about weekend events and other on-campus activities.

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