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With so many students from over 30 countries and 20 states, most are unable to come to campus for a tour. What does Cheshire Academy do about it? Jacob Korman ’16 directs and produces short videos in which show the campus building by building, explaining all of the classes. The Virtual Tours give prospective students and their families an idea of what our campus is like before ever stepping foot on to it. I am one of the tour guides along with Jade Sharkany ’14. This on camera opportunity really allows me to practice skills that I will need hopefully in the future as I aspire to be a Broadcast Journalist specializing in sports. So far we have done several videos for buildings such as the Arthur Sheriff Field House and the Visual Art Building and I am looking forward to producing more videos.

I am taking all the opportunities I can to work on camera. One day I hope to work on a major sports network such as ESPN or NBC Sports. I hope to be able to be on a show such as SportsCenter where I could report sports news. I am looking forward to continuing to work on this project and gaining these valuable skills.

See some of the work we have done so far here!

Tara Lynch '18

Tara Lynch '18 is a day student and varsity athlete at Cheshire Academy. She joined the school in eighth grade and writes about weekend events, athletics, and more.

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