An introduction to Matt

This is a picture of my family and I in Chicago
This is a picture of my family and I in Chicago

Hi Everyone,

I’m Matt Cohen and I’m a junior. I’ve been at Cheshire Academy since sixth grade and this school has changed my life. I know that seems extreme but it really did. I came into Cheshire Academy as a below average student struggling in my large classes that had up to 40 kids per class. I felt like I was just floating through the system. When I came to Cheshire Academy, the classes had an average of 10 kids and the teachers cared so much that there was no way I could float through the system. I’m an honors student now with the help of this fantastic school.

Another great thing about Cheshire Academy is that there are so many clubs and organizations offered here which helps make Cheshire Academy the tight knit community it is. Some groups that I’m a part of are the National Honors society, GSA,and the admission ambassadors. I am now a new member of the Cheshire academy internship in communications. Being a part of these clubs makes me feel closer to my second home, CA.

Cheshire Academy has great athletics. I am a soccer player at Cheshire Academy and captain of the Varsity team, which was something I’ve always strived to do. I’ve been playing soccer since I was a little kid. I am on two teams outside of Cheshire Academy. My team won the State Cup, Regionals, and played in Nationals. A major goal I had since I was young is to play college soccer and that dream is now reality.

Some things that I do outside of Cheshire Academy is play soccer, and play video games and hang out with friends just like all kids do. Ever since I was nine years old I have volunteered at the soup kitchen, and I also go on mission trips to poorer countries to build houses and feed the poor. Since I am so lucky to be going to a great school, it feels great to give back to my community and help people who are less fortunate than I am. I can’t wait to write more blog posts and i encourage my readers to share comments.