CA goes to London: Part I

Last Wednesday, Tommy Cavaliere ‘15, Regina McCoy ‘17, Shannon Lewis ‘16, and I  departed from JFK airport to go to London with our amazing advisors Ms. Swift and Ms. West. The main purpose of our trip was to attend the Haileybury Model UN conference, which is the largest conference in the UK, but we also had two days to tour around London.


We got to London at around 6:00 am. We had plenty of time in the morning to freshen up before our day full of incredible sightseeing. After drinking many cups of coffee to survive the day, we took the subway– or should I say, the tube– which took us closer to the tourist bus that would drive us around the beautiful city of London.

After the tour, we decided to go to the Tower of London. There we saw some of the crown jewels, learned about Henry VIII’s many wives, and saw the famous Beefeaters safeguarding the castle. Even though none of us watch Game of Thrones, we were excited to see the red carpet for the show’s premiere right next to the Tower of London.

Afterwards, we took the bus again to go to the famous London Eye, which gave us a 360 degree view of all the beautiful historical and modern buildings that surround London. After a long, cold, exhausting yet exciting day, we decided to end it by going to dinner at a Spanish restaurant, where I was able to share some of my favorite dishes that I grew up with my group.

The second day was my favorite day of the whole trip. We had lunch at a sushi restaurant in the top floor of the Heron Tower, and not only did we have an incredible view of the city, we also got to eat a lot of delicious food.

Then, we went to one of the most incredible places that I have ever been to: the British Museum. Walking around the different rooms felt like traveling through time from the Roman empire to ancient Egypt to Napoleon’s empire. I could’ve spent all day there.

My favorite part of the museum was a display called “Living and Dying” that showed different rituals and traditions around the world for the ill and the departed. I was really happy to see Mexican art by the Huichol tribe. It made me feel home. Although I wanted to spend the night there, it was time to go.

We then went to dinner before the musical “Billy Elliot”. I have to admit, I wasn’t very excited about seeing a musical, but I ended up loving it. The dancing, the story, the music, everything was unbelievable. I could even relate to Billy Elliot. After the musical, it was time to take a taxi to our next hotel in Waltham Abbey where we were closer to the conference.


NYLSC: Lead Now 2015

Thank you so much Cheshire Academy for nominating and sponsoring me to attend the National Young Leaders State Conference in Greenwich, CT. Here is a picture blog and recap of my four days!

I was able to meet so many scholars at the conference from all over the tri-state area and I am so happy I was able to participate in this experience! I had such a fun time in all the workshops and activities we did during the four days. This opportunity was so beneficial in building my leadership skills and tools. I am excited to apply what I learned in the CA Classrooms!