CA goes to London: Part II

It was finally Model United Nations time. After re-reading each other’s resolutions, doing last minute research, and putting on our fancy outfits, we took the bus to Haileybury and Imperial Service College in Hertford. We spent the next three days discussing about global issues in each of our different committees. I was in Environmental and Ecology committee, where we discussed about biodiversity, access to basic sanitation, e-waste disposal and sustainable infrastructure. Tommy was in the Political Committee, where he discussed about Mali and became friends with students from Turkey. Regina was in the Human Rights committee, and  Shannon was in Economic and Social committee where she talked about malnutrition and epidemics. Continue reading CA goes to London: Part II

An introduction to Zezhen Xu ’16

Hi everyone, my name is Zezhen Xu; I am an international student and junior at Cheshire Academy and it is my second year here.

I am interested in video games, anime badminton, archery, and shooting. I played badminton in China before I came to Cheshire Academy; here at Cheshire Academy, I’m part of the badminton club. For archery and shooting, I gained some professional training in my early years and I’m quite good at both sports.

I love technology and I spend most of my time with computers. In addition to doing daily tasks with computers, I would like to do some more advanced jobs. As a beginner to computer software, I choose to make videos, which I considered a great chance to go into the professional area of using technology. Luckily, just after I made about seventy videos, I got a subscription of 16,500. Continue reading An introduction to Zezhen Xu ’16