IB History at Cheshire Academy

I’ve always loved history, but it wasn’t until I took IB History that I realized how much I enjoy it. I started the year really scared about the class since it is a very challenging course and the fact that our first topic was going to be the slavery and the American Civil War made me even more nervous. I’m from Spain and Mexico, so I knew nothing about American history. I didn’t even know what the Union and the Confederacy were, so I thought that I was going to fall behind. I worried I wouldn’t be able to contribute anything since I am not American, but it was not like this. Continue reading IB History at Cheshire Academy

The CA Spirit: Be True to Who You Are

Last week, a visitor came to our school to gave a speech about her paintings of bicycles on display at the Kohn-Joseloff Gallery. Who is she? Taliah Lempert.  The reason why she loves drawing bicycles can’t be explained in words; bicycles are her passion, her memory, and her motivation. From my perspective, her bicycles are realistic and colorful. She expresses the real side of herself through the bicycles in her paintings. Continue reading The CA Spirit: Be True to Who You Are