Alert: Spring is coming to Connecticut!

Winter has finally past, snow has almost melted, and Spring is coming! Although this looks like a boring topic, I can’t wait to see what the first spring in Connecticut has in store for me.

I am a sophomore, and I joined CA this past summer. I really like the different seasons in CT. In my memory, fall was covered with maples, and the scene was painted with yellow. The summer wasn’t as humid as that in my hometown, and we just need a fan to cool us down. Winter is the worst for me, because I have never seen as much snow before. But somehow, winter is romantic. Now I am looking forward to meeting Spring in the United States.

There are many sports for spring season such as lacrosse, tennis, theater, and etc. The atmosphere is very intense now because of the different tryouts going on around campus. However, students are all prepared to pursue their goal of being a member of a team, whatever the level of competition. I am attending golf right now for my Spring sport, and I find it very interesting.

Spring not only brings good weather, but also it brings good spirits. Okay, cats—get excited to spend the next two months in Spring!

Nancy Jiang '17

Nancy Jiang '17 is an international student originally hailing from China. An honor student and varsity golfer, Nancy writes about weekend events and other on-campus activities.

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