5 Things to Be Excited About When You Come to CA

Starting at a new school is always stressful, but it can be very exciting when there are things to look forward to.  

  1. School Events 

Before classes start there are a couple of events that you can attend for the upcoming school year. You can attend the Day Student Barbeque, which is an event at the end of the summer for day students and their families can meet staff and teachers. Also, you can talk with students and parents and ask any questions that you have. Another event that you can attend before school starts is Pre Season. Pre Season is an event for the students that are doing a fall sport. The students get to know their coach and teammates and start practicing for the upcoming season. If you want to be involved in pre season, email your coach directly to find out details.

 2. Registration Day  

Another event to look forward to is Registration Day. On the same day there is Convocation. Both of these events officially start the school year. Convocation is exciting because students get to march with faculty across campus to a nearby church!

 3. Meeting Other Students  

What is great about Cheshire Academy is that there is a vast population of international students. While some students are from Cheshire, CT, many are from other states in the USA and from places outside the country. I like it how you can experience different cultures from all around the world, and that’s definitely something to get excited for.

 4. Getting Used To The Campus  

It is always stressful starting at a new place. You will wonder if you will get lost on campus and know where you are going. But at the same time, it is also exciting because there’s so much to discover. I recently graduated from eighth grade from a large school here in Cheshire, and I am excited to join a smaller school, with a large campus. I, as an upcoming Freshman, am excited to meet new students and teachers and get to know the campus.

Quick tip: Use the interactive Campus Map to locate classes and buildings. 

5. Finding Something New To Do 

Lastly, I am excited about finding something new to do, such as a club that interests me. When you first come to high school not everyone knows everything that they are passionate about. Your experience at Cheshire Academy is about working your hardest and always trying something new, whether it’s a sport you’ve always been interested in trying or a club you’ve never heard of before. Always step outside your comfort zone, try something new, and learn!

Overall I am excited about starting my high school years here at Cheshire Academy. I am excited to see where this journey will take me. I am looking forward to attending the upcoming events, meeting my classmates, and getting to know my teachers for this year here on campus. Since I’m a freshman, I am excited to start at a new school.

Kate Bajohr '20

Kate Bajohr '20 is a Freshman at Cheshire Academy who works in the Strategic Marketing and Communications Department, plays tennis, skis, and sings.

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