Softball at CA

Beginning in November, right after Thanksgiving break, varsity softball begins its winter workouts. Every Monday and Thursday, the team goes to the field house and trains together at 6am. Training includes throwing, catching, conditioning, batting, and a lot of bunt practice. We have these practices so that when spring break comes around, we are in the best shape and ready to head down to Florida to play different states. Continue reading Softball at CA

IB English

As a second year IB student, I feel like finally I understand what is expected in the classes. During the first semester of the first year of IB, I had a limited understanding of how to contribute to the class discussions. However, as the year progressed, I learned how to talk about my opinion and be involved in the discussion. Now, I feel more confident and comfortable talking during class. I still struggle on public speaking and presenting myself  in front of many people but, I am working on it. Continue reading IB English