The Cheshire Spirit for Halloween

Halloween day is one of the most exciting days in the fall for Cheshire Academy. On this day, students can dress up in their own costumes, such as superman, superwoman, a wizard, and more. Some took a more “traditional” approach. They put on costumes of vampires with scary make-up on their faces, and another classmate of mine even pulled up a slender man mask, which I had to admit it was pretty creepy.

The most fun part of day is perhaps to dress up a teacher. Every year some CA faculty members will “offer” the prize of students’ choosing their Halloween costumes in an auction, and the winners (students) from the auction can decide what the faculty would wear for the Halloween day. Half of the money collected from the auction goes to the Cheshire Lights of Hope, which is a charity organization dedicated to helping out the local community. This is also the reason why many teachers are willing to do it, apart from the fun involved in it, of course. TakeWechatIMG2 my Physics teacher Mr. Cirmo for example, he has been involved in this event since the very beginning and has always been one of the hottest choices for the auction. His costume for this year was a tail-binding mermaid. The History Department Chair Mr. LaSpina worn a male-version Harley Quinn costume, which was carefully modified by my classmates in light of the no-opposite-gender rule. Nevertheless, it still looked stunningly fit on him. And there were so many more teachers who participated in this event which I simply do not have enough room to address them one by one.

On the same day, the Ich Dien Society along with the American Red Cross sponsored a Blood Drive on Campus. Their slogan of the day was “Starve a Vampire, Donate Blood”, which went along with the theme of the day. Thanks to the teachers and students’ active involvement, the Academy as a community together had a truly incredible and meaningful celebration of Halloween this year.


Richard Yang '18

Richard Yang is a boarding student who attended at Cheshire Academy from Janurary 2015 as a freshman. I have a broad interest in almost everything and a good standing of academics as well.

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