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College Application time is a difficult and stressful process that most students have to go through at least once in their lives. Right now I am going through it and it is pain in the neck. It is more stressful if you wait longer, so the sooner you get started, the better. Here are some tips:

Don’t procrastinate

Don’t get frustrated if you make mistakes while you are writing your application. You can always go back and  fix it before you submit it. Just start and see how you do. If you are concerned, talk to your college counselor and he or she will be happy to go through it with you. If you wait longer, it will be more stressful because your time span is short but a lot of things that you might not have expected are waiting for you to get done.It is more stressful if you wait longer, so the sooner you start, the better.

Stay close with your college counselor

Whenever you have any questions or concerns about college application, testing, and more, college counselors are here for you. Come by their office, they will welcome you all the time. I think I talk to my counselor at least once a week to talk about my process.

Common Application will make your life much easier

When I started the application, I started filling out my profile on the Common Application website; it is simple and easy to fill out. It asks for information like your name, birthdate, address etc. By using the Common Application, you just need to write one application and it shares the same information with many of the schools that have a connection with the Common Application. I like how it organizes everything for you. It is divided into multiple sections and if one of the sections is incomplete, then there will be no check mark next to it. That way, it is easy for you to know what kind of information that you are missing.

When writing college essays or writing supplements use Google Docs and Drive

I started brainstorming, freewriting and coming up with different ideas for a 650-word college essay on my Google Docs. After coming up with ideas, I started to write my own essay. After writing the story, I shared with different teachers to get recommendations and come up with ideas how to fix my essay. I have shown the essay to many teachers who were familiar with me. Many of the teachers gave me various advice and really helped me make my essay golden. If I just used Microsoft Word, I would have to either send a bunch of emails to different teachers or always find them and set up appointments to talk to them. However, by using Google Drive, teachers can write comments whenever they want. Also by using Google Docs, I don’t need to email separately to different teachers.

Amy Noh '17

Amy Noh '17 is a boarding student who takes some IB courses and is part of the drama and fencing team.

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