The Girls Talk: What is College Like?

On January 5, the Coleman Group hosted a girls’ talk of what college really looks like in the college counseling center. There were four alumni coming back to campus to share their experiences in colleges with the girls.

The four alumni all think colleges are more freestyle, which means that time management is extremely important in colleges. In colleges, no one will tell you when to do what. Basically, everybody is one their own. Giselle Olaguez ’15 thinks the IB program really prepared her when for college. Since IB classes involve of lot of critical thinking and writing, which is really similar to what students are learning in colleges, Giselle encourages the girls taking as many as IB classes they can in order to better prepare for college classes.

IMG_1438Gillian Reinhard ’16, a freshman at Trinity College, thinks college enabled her to become more independent. Since she was a day student at Cheshire Academy before, she had no experience of what boarding life was before she went to college. She admits that she was pretty nervous at the beginning of the school year. However, she gradually enjoyed being a boarding student at college, and her roommate became one of her best friends in college.

One thing that Chelsea Espinosa ’16 learned from college is that people should be never afraid of saying no to others. Since Chelsea knows that she is not a big fan of partying, every time people ask her out, she will refuse without concerns if she really doesn’t want to go. Chelsea also emphasizes the importance of being safe in colleges. Different from the high school, colleges are like a big community. Therefore, the girls should have an awareness of how to protect themselves when they get into colleges.

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