International Community Weekend at CA

Last weekend was the community weekend at Cheshire Academy. The school held the international food festival on Friday night, and some faculty members hosted dinners at their homes on Saturday night to celebrate one of the most significant features, diversity, of our school.

Food from more than twenty countries was presented at the international food festival. Students who presented their own countries made food by themselves, and some of them were wearing the traditional clothes of their countries. One interesting thing about the food festival was teachers would give students their “passports” when they entered. Students could ask presenters for stamps after they tried the food. Each country had its special stamp, which stimulates students to try all of the food in order to complete a collection of stamps!

I signed up for the dinner at Mrs. Hewu’s house. She provided hotpot, which is a traditional but really popular Chinese food. Mrs. Hewu also played Chinese TV shows when we were eating. It was like having dinner at home. I really enjoyed it, and I had a fun time.

By celebrating diversity, the community weekend tights students together more closely. It is an excellent experience for the CA community.

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