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IB English

As a second year IB student, I feel like finally I understand what is expected in the classes. During the first semester of the first year of IB, I had a limited understanding of how to contribute to the class discussions. However, as the year progressed, I learned how to talk about my opinion and be involved in the discussion. Now, I feel more confident and comfortable talking during class. I still struggle on public speaking and presenting myself  in front of many people but, I am working on it. Continue reading IB English

Moon Festival

Since the freshmen year, I was hoping that the moon festival could be celebrated not just for Chinese students but also for Korean students. This is because in Korea, we have the same tradition and I wanted to have the same feeling here at Cheshire. This year, we had an opportunity to do so. Ryan Kim ’17 from Korea and John Jiang ’17 from China  bonded together and made it happen successfully.   Continue reading Moon Festival

My Roommate Experiences

During freshmen year, I was randomly assigned a roommate. At first, we had some trouble because our routines were very different. I was more like a morning person, but she was a nocturnal person. So, one day I told my roommate that I think we need to talk. So, we talked through and decided that if we had to get our work done we will try to keep as quiet as possible and keep our lights as dim as possible. That conversation that we had that day was very crucial for both of us. After that day, we got along quite well. Continue reading My Roommate Experiences