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End Of The Year

As the year gets closer to an end and I begin to accept the fact that my senior friends are leaving soon, I have started to look back at the amazing year I’ve had. I think of myself at the beginning of the year, completely clueless of all the good and bad things that were going to happen to me, and I realize that I am a completely different person now. My junior year has made me strong, mature, hardworking, but most importantly, thankful. Thankful for all the opportunities that I’ve been given, for all of the people who have helped me along the way, and thankful for everyone I’ve met Cheshire Academy who made this school year so incredible. Continue reading End Of The Year

My first time taking the SAT

Last Saturday I took the SAT for the first time and surprisingly, it wasn’t as bad as I thought. It wasn’t bad at all. I have been afraid of those three letters for years. The moment I began learning about the college process, I was afraid of the SAT. It thought of it as this really hard and long test that you need to buy lots of books to study for. Even the people who had already taken it made me afraid of it. I felt as if that test was going to define my whole future. Continue reading My first time taking the SAT

#HumansofCheshire: A Photo Project

One of my biggest role models is Brandon Stanton (aka the creator of Humans of New York). Humans of New York is a project that began as a small blog that captures stories of New Yorkers that now has dozens of millions of followers on instagram and facebook. At least once a day, Brandon posts a picture of a complete stranger along with a unique story.

Everyday I look forward to going on Facebook and reading another fascinating story of a random person. His work has made me realize that all of us humans shouldn’t be so scared of each other. We all have dreams, fears, challenges, and most importantly, stories. Stories that have shaped us all into who we are.

After a long time of reading his posts I realized that I wanted to do something similar, not in a place as big as New York City of course, but in our Cheshire community. As the year went by I began realizing that there are a lot of incredible stories that most people don’t know of. Those stories have helped me see some members of our community in a very different way. I decided I wanted to share those stories. I wanted to show everyone at CA that we are not just teachers, students, athletes and coaches, we are all humans.

When I began working for communications I knew right away that this was a project that I wanted to work on. Since then I’ve been trying to figure out times to meet with people, but it has been hard since we all have very busy schedules. So far I have only been able to interview two people, but I am hoping to have at least ten more Humans of Cheshire before the year ends.

I want to keep going with this project next year. It is not only a great way to show the outside world some of the incredible people who are part of CA, but also to bring us all closer together.

IB History at Cheshire Academy

I’ve always loved history, but it wasn’t until I took IB History that I realized how much I enjoy it. I started the year really scared about the class since it is a very challenging course and the fact that our first topic was going to be the slavery and the American Civil War made me even more nervous. I’m from Spain and Mexico, so I knew nothing about American history. I didn’t even know what the Union and the Confederacy were, so I thought that I was going to fall behind. I worried I wouldn’t be able to contribute anything since I am not American, but it was not like this. Continue reading IB History at Cheshire Academy

Boarding School Diversity: An International Student Perspective

As you may have read a couple days ago, Matt wrote a blog post about diversity at Cheshire Academy. I thought, I’m an international student so, why not write about diversity from my perspective?

When I was looking for boarding schools, one of the most important things to me was diversity. I am from two countries (Mexico and Spain), so I wasn’t only excited about sharing my two cultures with my new friends but also about meeting people from all over the world. However, finding a diverse boarding school wasn’t quite as easy as I thought. The first boarding school I went to did not have that many international students, only less than 20% out of 800 students. The international student community consisted of mostly Mexican and Chinese students, and around 15 people from a couple other countries, so in reality, the school only had people from three countries. Continue reading Boarding School Diversity: An International Student Perspective