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Farewell, CAscratchup.

When I made up my mind about interning for the spring season, I visited Ms. Jagodowski in her office where she asked me about my strengths and weaknesses in the field of communications. I mentioned my interest in video and photo editing, but admitted to knowing very little about social networking, blogging, and photography. I expected to do a lot of work I was already familiar with, so I wasn’t concerned about my lack of experience in these areas. I was caught pretty off guard when the first task all interns were assigned with was introducing ourselves here on CAscratchup. I learned how to incorporate links, photos, and videos into my blogs, and by my second effort I was quite proud of the finished product. Continue reading Farewell, CAscratchup.

The Science Olympiad Experience

I first learned about Science Olympiad one day when I was making up a test after school. Curious as to why so many other students were working after school, I approached Grace Greene ’17 and asked what was going on. She explained this was Science Olympiad, and this was her after school activity. I asked why she would ever do such a thing. For all I knew the kids were asking for extra homework. I had no concept of the kinds of cool projects they were working on. Continue reading The Science Olympiad Experience

Meet Parker

Hello! My name is Parker Gagnon. I am a junior at Cheshire Academy and this is my third year here. My daily commute from Rocky Hill takes about 30 minutes. I have run cross country every fall since freshman year. It has been my only sport I have consistently done throughout my high school athletic career. My winter and spring seasons have been rather unpredictable – ranging from lacrosse in my freshman year to science olympiad this winter. I’ve also tried tennis, basketball, and snowsports. When the winter season concluded and I had to choose a spring sport, I began considering the communications internship. After learning that the internship would include opportunities to practice video and photo editing, I decided a second season of recreational tennis would not be in my future. Continue reading Meet Parker