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Freshmen Year in High School: A Guide

Starting high school freshman year is nerve racking by itself, but starting in a new place with new people is even more terrifying. It definitely feels this way at first but everyone feels this way, most people just don’t decide to show it. Don’t worry, halfway through the school year, you question, “What was I nervous about in the first place?” Well I remember what I wasn’t sure about… Continue reading Freshmen Year in High School: A Guide

Salsa Dancing Experience.

Last Friday, the Cheshire Academy language department took all of the Spanish 2 classes on a field trip to “Alisa’s House of Salsa” in New Haven, Connecticut. We missed two class periods that afternoon and many of us were glad to have a break to learn something new. None of us had ever had salsa dancing classes before and didn’t know what to expect. Accompanied by the two language teachers, Senora Burnett and Señor Cobo, the bus ride there took about 40 minutes and was loaded with many students. Continue reading Salsa Dancing Experience.

Community Dinners

For the first time, I attended a community dinner at Cheshire Academy. At Cheshire Academy, we have dinners once a month with the whole CA community. They are mandatory for boarders but day students are welcome to attend as well. Everybody is randomly arranged at different tables with a teacher. Although many boarders think of it as a chore and are annoyed with the time it occupies, it is a great opportunity to sit with different friends and chat with people you don’t normally get to spend time with. Continue reading Community Dinners

Linda Wingerter Exhibition

On April 7, Cheshire Academy hosted Linda Wingerter, a children’s illustrator. Wingerter was there to showcase her artwork to the Cheshire Academy community. She keeps a lot of her final illustrations to show to schools. The event took place in the Kohn-Joseloff Gallery, located outside of Richardson Lecture Hall, which was filled with beautiful paintings lined around the walls. She represented art from seven of her books. It was great to hear the artist herself talk about her style of artwork and answer many questions. Linda Wingerter discussed her folk tale style, how she believes that acrylic paint is the best paint in the world and her love of texture. She believes acrylic paint is for spontaneous people. I also learned that her beautiful texture is made by using old hardware brushes and layers of paint, each of her paintings has about 20 layers of paint. Wingerter has always wanted to be an artist since she was four years old and grew up in a family of artists. She enjoys that art forces her to learn something very well about things you know nothing of, which she finds very interesting. Continue reading Linda Wingerter Exhibition

New Experiences – Swimming

Since I have joined Cheshire Academy this year, I have been exposed to many new activities and extracurriculars. This winter I joined the CA swim team with little to no experience about how a swim team works. I came in knowing how to swim but had never swam at a competitive level before. I was a little nervous as a lot of the team had previous experience on the CA team or swam outside of school at a high level. It was great that I was able to join with my friend Cassidy Vinal ’19 who also was a new swimmer and freshman. We quickly learned the ropes such as how to help someone put a swim cap on, and that you count lanes by 25 meters. We laugh now about how we didn’t know how many laps were in a 400m on the first day of practice when now we easily know that it is 16 laps. Continue reading New Experiences – Swimming