Welcome To Tuesday Mornings

Welcome to Tuesday ScratchUp!

My name is Lauren Freedman and I am your weekly blogger. I am a current junior and have been a day student at Cheshire Academy since I was in 8th grade.  I am involved in many activities here at Cheshire. I play soccer, tennis, and I used to play basketball. I am involved with the student newspaper, juxtaposition (student lit magazine), student government, and I am an ambassador to name a few. My favorite class at Cheshire is creative writing. I plan to write each week about all different parts of life here at Cheshire. I hope you will tune in every Tuesday to read my blogs and learn more about what we all share in common, Cheshire.

I am honored and excited to be chosen as one of our school bloggers and look forward to spending Tuesday mornings with you.

Who are you?


A year ago Cheshire Academy wasn’t even on my radar. I was in the seventh grade in a small Catholic school in Connecticut. So I know what you are thinking: “How did you get to Cheshire Academy?”

Through mutual friends I heard about this amazing school, so I decided to tour the campus. This is where it all started. I fell in love with the students, faculty and new opportunity that awaited me. When I finally received the e-mail telling me I was accepted, I was ecstatic. I then finished the seventh grade, moving toward the first day of my CA experience that would have a lasting impact on my daily busy life. Continue reading Who are you?

New Year, New Blog!

What would a new year be without a fresh perspective?

At Cheshire Academy, the stories of our diverse student body, experienced faculty and dedicated alumni contribute to the community that we all call a home. We hope this weekly blog will capture a few snapshots of what it means to be a student, a teacher, an alum, and a part of the on-going history in the day-to-day life of Cheshire Academy; while these perspectives can often be vastly different, it is our love of a 220-year-old institution that ultimately unites us all as ‘Fighting Cats’ in one form or another.

The ScratchUp–pun intended–does more simply scratch at the surface of what it means to be a part of this dynamic community. We invite you to take a deeper look into what makes this old Academy a life-long home.

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