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Nature Is Our Classroom

The IB Group 4 Project is a special project requires students to collaborate in order to solve a complex problem. The project combines students taking different IB science subjects (i.e. physics, chemistry, biology, sport science, etc.) into a 4 to 5 person group. I have heard of the Group 4 Project since September, but nobody knew what the Project would be exactly. Nevertheless, the mere idea of going on a field trip for the whole Friday was enough to excite everybody’s anticipation. Continue reading Nature Is Our Classroom

Bonjour! A Guide for French ab Initio 1 students from Richard Yang

This year I decided to do IB French ab initio 1. Even before the end of last year, I heard many people saying that French is really difficult to learn, and learning French is not as convenient as Spanish in America, but what I found out in my classroom with Madame Burnett was not really what I had expected. Continue reading Bonjour! A Guide for French ab Initio 1 students from Richard Yang

Exploring the International Baccalaureate

In the fall of 2011, my eighth grade year, Cheshire Academy was designated as an International Baccalaureate® World School. Before coming to Cheshire Academy, I had never heard of the program and was much more familiar with the Advanced Placement (AP) program and other honors courses offered to high schoolers. During my time at Cheshire Academy, I learned more about the program from my classmates and teachers. When I was a junior, I made the decision to embark on the two-year IB diploma program at CA. Now, as a senior, I am almost done with the program. Continue reading Exploring the International Baccalaureate

Meet Parker

Hello! My name is Parker Gagnon. I am a junior at Cheshire Academy and this is my third year here. My daily commute from Rocky Hill takes about 30 minutes. I have run cross country every fall since freshman year. It has been my only sport I have consistently done throughout my high school athletic career. My winter and spring seasons have been rather unpredictable – ranging from lacrosse in my freshman year to science olympiad this winter. I’ve also tried tennis, basketball, and snowsports. When the winter season concluded and I had to choose a spring sport, I began considering the communications internship. After learning that the internship would include opportunities to practice video and photo editing, I decided a second season of recreational tennis would not be in my future. Continue reading Meet Parker

Introduction Post: Meet Amy

Hi, my name is Hyemin Noh but people call me “Amy”.  I am from Seoul, Korea and this is my third year at Cheshire Academy. I started going to CA in my freshman year. When I was a freshman, my writing skills  weren’t as good as they are now. I had many grammar mistakes, bad word choices, etc. That doesn’t mean my English is perfect right now. I still have a lot of room for improvements 🙂 Although at first I struggled and didn’t really enjoy writing in English, now I like writing and expressing my thoughts in my writing. Actually, when I go to college I am planning to major in either journalism or creative writing; one of my favorite classes this year is IB Eng Lang&Lit SL. Continue reading Introduction Post: Meet Amy