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Nature Is Our Classroom

The IB Group 4 Project is a special project requires students to collaborate in order to solve a complex problem. The project combines students taking different IB science subjects (i.e. physics, chemistry, biology, sport science, etc.) into a 4 to 5 person group. I have heard of the Group 4 Project since September, but nobody knew what the Project would be exactly. Nevertheless, the mere idea of going on a field trip for the whole Friday was enough to excite everybody’s anticipation. Continue reading Nature Is Our Classroom

Exploring the International Baccalaureate

In the fall of 2011, my eighth grade year, Cheshire Academy was designated as an International Baccalaureate® World School. Before coming to Cheshire Academy, I had never heard of the program and was much more familiar with the Advanced Placement (AP) program and other honors courses offered to high schoolers. During my time at Cheshire Academy, I learned more about the program from my classmates and teachers. When I was a junior, I made the decision to embark on the two-year IB diploma program at CA. Now, as a senior, I am almost done with the program. Continue reading Exploring the International Baccalaureate

IB Preview Night: Let’s Go Cats!

Last Thursday night, Cheshire Academy held the IB Preview Night in the Lecture Hall. During this event, ninth and tenth graders and their parents could have a chance to learn more about the IB program that Cheshire Academy offers. Also, they had an opportunity to talk the teachers and students who know the IB program very well. Continue reading IB Preview Night: Let’s Go Cats!

Is IB For Me? We’ll See!

I cannot believe it is February and it is time to pick our courses for next year. In junior year, students have the opportunity to take courses in the  International Baccalaureate® Diploma Programme. These courses are very rigorous and similar to the caliber of an Advanced Placement course. Continue reading Is IB For Me? We’ll See!

IB History at Cheshire Academy

I’ve always loved history, but it wasn’t until I took IB History that I realized how much I enjoy it. I started the year really scared about the class since it is a very challenging course and the fact that our first topic was going to be the slavery and the American Civil War made me even more nervous. I’m from Spain and Mexico, so I knew nothing about American history. I didn’t even know what the Union and the Confederacy were, so I thought that I was going to fall behind. I worried I wouldn’t be able to contribute anything since I am not American, but it was not like this. Continue reading IB History at Cheshire Academy