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Nature Is Our Classroom

The IB Group 4 Project is a special project requires students to collaborate in order to solve a complex problem. The project combines students taking different IB science subjects (i.e. physics, chemistry, biology, sport science, etc.) into a 4 to 5 person group. I have heard of the Group 4 Project since September, but nobody knew what the Project would be exactly. Nevertheless, the mere idea of going on a field trip for the whole Friday was enough to excite everybody’s anticipation. Continue reading Nature Is Our Classroom

The Science Olympiad Experience

I first learned about Science Olympiad one day when I was making up a test after school. Curious as to why so many other students were working after school, I approached Grace Greene ’17 and asked what was going on. She explained this was Science Olympiad, and this was her after school activity. I asked why she would ever do such a thing. For all I knew the kids were asking for extra homework. I had no concept of the kinds of cool projects they were working on. Continue reading The Science Olympiad Experience