Increase Facebook Likes With Your Email Lists

In the world of social media, there are tons of little tips and tricks to help give your social media profiles a little boost of activity. Often times, we stick to the main tactics of posting daily and engaging our audiences, but this trick is one of my favorites to date.

At Cheshire Academy, we have a lot of email lists. Whether it’s alumni, past parents, current parents, students, or others, we have thousands of emails from people who have a connection with our school. So how can you utilize these lists for your benefit on social media? Simple.

One of the first Facebook features that helped brands to connect with people was the import emails option, now referred to as “Suggest Page.” By taking an email list, or connecting to one of the popular email services like Gmail or Outlook, you could import email addresses which, if found by Facebook in their system, would suggest your page to them automatically. An easy way to build likes, especially when starting off from scratch, but often times overlooked.

Today, Cheshire Academy utilizes this feature with its alumni, parents, and students to suggest our main Cheshire Academy Facebook page. By importing lists from CSV files, we can bring our school to our audiences on Facebook, giving them the option to like and learn more about the school, see events and activities, and reminisce with past school mates.

Though, there is a final word of caution. No one likes a spammer, so make sure your lists consist of people who have engaged with your school at some level. It shouldn’t be out of the blue. Also, don’t abuse the suggestion feature. Suggest your page to these constituents once, if they want to like you they will.

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