Three Ways Your School Can Use Twitter Polls

Announced recently, Twitter will be releasing its Polls feature to the masses very soon. Polls is a simple addition that lets users create a tweet using a question with two selectable answers below it. The poll will stay live for a 24 hour period. If you’re afraid of others seeing how you voted, fear not as it doesn’t highlight your choices publicly.

So, how can schools use this new feature?

The Classroom

We often have teachers ask how they can incorporate social media into the classroom. Polling gives teachers an easy way to integrate Twitter into normal classroom activities. For example, a teacher posing a question to the class now allows students to easily bring up Twitter on their iPads and select an answer. Within minutes, the teacher would have a representation of the entire class without the need for any additional technology.  

The Dining Commons

Wouldn’t it be fun if the folks that run the Dining Commons asked students and faculty what kind of Halloween dessert they wanted during a community dinner? With Polls, this is possible and the findings may result in a happier group on campus. Even better, if Parents’ Weekend is coming up and you want to see if they want hotdogs or hamburgers at the football game’s tailgate, just ask!


Not sure where you should hold the next alumni event? Alumni usually make up a broad range of demographics, age groups, and more, so by utilizing the Polls feature, the Alumni & Development Office can get a better sense of where or when they might be able to attend an event. Wondering if Thursday night or Friday night is better for Homecoming? Take a poll!

In the end, while Twitter’s polling feature can open the door to gaining more insights, it should also be remembered that it’s only going to be for the people on Twitter. As every school knows, it’s usually a small group of your total constituents that are ever on just one social network.

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