Instagram Tests Curated Video Streams

You were probably pretty busy this weekend with Halloween shenanigans, but if you were on Instagram checking out people’s costumes you may have seen a new video option from Instagram. Asking if you’d like to see Halloween videos, the option (if clicked), brought users to a special curated stream made up of the best Halloween videos Instagram could find.

Why would Instagram be testing this new feature? The same reason Twitter recently launched “Moments” and SnapChat has its Stories feature. Real-time curated content gives these platforms super relevance to its users and can be a prime attractor for sponsorship and advertising dollars. Imagine if that curated Halloween stream snuck an ad in there for Party City with last minute costumes on sale for 75% off and you could buy right through the Instagram post. Also, entire streams could be sponsored by brands during specific events, such as the Super Bowl or elections.  

The future of these curated streams may be interesting and is definitely Instagram’s ongoing effort to monetize the social network. Video on Instagram has never been super popular, so this new feature may help to bolster that sentiment as well as compete with rival super social networks Twitter and SnapChat.

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