facebook reviews are missing for schools

Missing: Your School’s Facebook Reviews

UPDATE: It appears that these reviews have been reinstated for pages.

Missing something from your school’s Facebook page this morning? You’re not alone. 

After a call from a fellow academy this morning, we learned that, apparently Facebook has decided to delete all reviews for any pages that are considered “schools.” Sure enough, our school’s reviews had disappeared. The academy that called us confirmed, as well. Wanting to make sure this wasn’t some kind of bug or fluke, we also checked a number of other schools, including colleges and universities. All reviews are gone.

So what’s the deal? We aren’t sure, but apparently pages categorized as types of schools have lost their Facebook reviews and there isn’t another way to post one. Other page types, such as non-profits, local businesses, and more all still have reviews (for now!). Facebook could have done this for a number of reasons, including not wanting to give people an outlet for negative reviews and comments as threats given the sensitivity around schools of late.

Are you experiencing the same Facebook update for your school’s page? What is your take on this latest change?

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