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Why Twitter’s New Character Limit Is Great For Your School

I know. I know. Everyone is complaining about the new character limit that Twitter is discussing implementing. Whether it’s truly 10,000 characters or not, the reality is that this is a great thing for your private or boarding schools. Here’s why:

Prospective Parents and Students

It can be really hard to encapsulate what your school is and does, its benefits, morals, standards, policies, and more, in 140 characters. Sure, you can write a blog post or article on your school’s site and try to drive people there through Twitter, but often times the conversation is very small. With Twitter’s new character limit, the initial Tweets will likely appear the same. You’ll only see the first 140 characters or so, just like now. However, it’s likely that there will exist some kind of “expand” button for people to read more and this is where the extra characters comes into play. You can utilize those additional characters to describe your school in more detail without needing to try to get someone to click a link, which they know will take them outside of Twitter. Use these characters to finish your school’s brief history or a recap of a sporting event. Probably the most significant use revolves around being able to answer a prospective student or parent’s question about the school. For those who like to use social media to ask questions or find information, not only can their outreach be more detailed, but also your response.

More Reach

Again, because you’ll likely not see the entire Tweet other than the first 140 characters, you’re creating an environment to increase how your audience engages with your content. For example, the first 140 characters will act similar to a catchy title and the expand button will be like clicking through to an article. However, since it’s all within Twitter, your social media engagement has the opportunity to increase significantly as people are more opt to click expand than click outside of Twitter. The expand button will likely count as an “engagement” for your profile and thus effect who sees your content affecting your total impressions. If you can get more people to “expand” than you’ll likely get more reach, which in the end will help your total engagement stats.

Better Search

Twitter has been trying to get into the search game in a big way for a while now. However, you need copy to make search really effective. By offering up more characters, Twitter is making your school more searchable. Not only would your school be easier to find within Twitter, but since the company has deals with Google, there’s more of a chance to pop up on a search engine as well.

So, before everyone goes off and claims they are quitting Twitter, think about how this could be a good thing for your school because it’s going to happen whether you like it or not. Change isn’t always bad.

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