5 Ways to Use Facebook Live at Your Boarding School

Facebook has finally rolled out Facebook Live, it’s live streaming function, to the majority of Facebook Page users. Now that it’s available, how should you use it as a marketing and branding tool? Below I outline five ways to use Facebook Live at your boarding school.

  1. Athletics – Probably one of the most obvious uses, live streaming your athletic events can be a great way to market your school and make parents and alums super happy. By using something as simple as an iPad, you can publish a live stream of any athletic event from the sidelines. The only downside of using Facebook Live might be if you have community members who aren’t using Facebook actively.
  2. School Meetings – Most boarding schools have a weekly get together where they discuss events, give student announcements, and even sometimes give musical performances.  Depending on the topics, these can be great events to live stream so that students can have a way to look back on what was announced and parents can make sure their kids are really at school (Lol).
  3. Major Events – You might not think of live streaming convocation, commencement, or even an alumni reunion, but any time you can capture what it’s like at the school and share your sense of community, someone will be interested in watching. Perhaps certain alumni couldn’t make it back this year for reunion, or parents in another country want to see their children get their diplomas and can’t be there. There are a million reasons to live stream major events to create a larger feeling of community.
  4. The Classroom – How cool would it be to be able to see students creating new pieces of art, like on a pottery wheel for example, in real-time. This would be a great way to give prospectives a glimpse of what it would be like to go to your school and it doesn’t require a lot of producing or editing.
  5. Off Campus – One of the most asked questions in any Admission Office revolves around what it’s like not only at your school, but also around town: the community, local events, and more. With Facebook Live, you can easily attend any town event, or just walk around to show what it’s like to not just go to your school, but also be a part of a new community. What do the local parks look like, churches, restaurants, or coffee shops? These are all things that influence a prospective student considering your school, so use Facebook Live to give them a quick and easy glimpse of all of that.

At the end of the day, Facebook is pushing hard for users to upload more video content. It gets six times the reach of a text, photo, or link posts and has the cheapest cost per click (CPC) averaging around $.01 per view. You really can’t beat it and with Facebook Live you now have an even easier way to publish video to your page. Don’t worry, people won’t care that it’s not a polished video production. It’s live streaming, it’s supposed to be “real” and “gritty.”

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