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3 Social Networks You’ve Never Heard of Until Today

We’ve all heard of the major social media networks, but what other networks exist out there and which audiences are using them? We’ll take a look at three relatively unknown social networks that are trying to become the next Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Continue reading 3 Social Networks You’ve Never Heard of Until Today

Is My Teen Using SnapChat?

Probably. The most recent statistics says that 34% of teens are using Snapchat with more than 8,796 photos being shared every second and 5% of all selfies being attributed to the service. Phew.

You probably have a lot of questions about SnapChat. What is it? Why do teens use it? Is it safe? We’re happy to take a few minutes to help answer these questions for you. Continue reading Is My Teen Using SnapChat?

Yes, Your Teen Is Still On Facebook

The last few years we’ve heard people talking about the mass exodus of teens from Facebook. The reasonings are everything from new more appealing social networks, like Instagram and SnapChat, to the fact that parents and grandparents have taken over Facebook. The reality is that teens are still very much on Facebook, but the way they use it has changed. Continue reading Yes, Your Teen Is Still On Facebook

Welcome to Social Media Teen

So, what’s this blog all about? I’m sure that’s the question you’re dying to get answered and, in fact, it’s pretty simple.

We are all living within this world of social media, which is changing constantly. It seems like every day a new platform is unveiled or a bunch of features are updated. Social Media Teen’s goal is to provide useful information around social media as it relates to teens and school. Whether you’re a parent, teen, or educator, Cheshire Academy’s social media professionals will provide useful information that will answer questions like: Continue reading Welcome to Social Media Teen