…But What Do Students Do in the Winter?


Pond Hockey and Snowboarding aren’t the only ways students like to blow off a little steam during the winter months! This year, they decided to get a little more…Olympic.

IMG_8456As the winter athletic season drew to an end, boasting NESPAC Boys Varsity Basketball champs, All-Star Swimmers, and Fencing finalists, Cheshire Academy hosted its first annual Olympic Games —bringing together our global community and challenging our teams to Oreo and donut eating competitions, human wheelbarrow races, Pictionary, and more!

Based on the Eight Pillars of Bowden, the school’s core philosophical tenets, teams were broken down into Responsibility, Respect, Caring, Civility, Citizenship, Morality, Fairness, and Trustworthiness. All teams put up a great fight, culminating in a medal ceremony, good fun, and a lot of Oreo crumbs.

For more pictures from the event, check out the Olympics Album in our Media Gallery!



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