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Philanthropy at Private Schools: A Culture of Giving Back

Did you know that an important part of the private school culture is the concept of philanthropy?

In fact, most private schools, both boarding schools and day schools, are registered non-profit organizations and rely on the charitable giving of their constituents to make it possible to operate annually. These institutions also involve students in community service efforts in which students find ways to support not only their school communities, but their towns, states, and even the world. How can you be philanthropic at your boarding school? Below we’ve listed out several ways that a private school can create a culture of giving back: Continue reading Philanthropy at Private Schools: A Culture of Giving Back

IB Program Series Part IV: The Depths of ToK

Every time I visit a class here at Cheshire Academy, I walk away inspired. I leave the classroom feeling energized and hungry for more. The opportunities our students have to take courses like Theory of Knowledge (ToK) gives them a forum to openly debate and discuss complex theories and concepts. This course, like all IB program courses, requires that students use and hone critical thinking skills while drawing upon their individual experiences, educational and otherwise, to make connections to the world around them.

During class, I take notes of what students say, the debates they have, the parallels they draw to their other classes, and the thought-provoking statements and questions they offer. My notes could fill pages within this blog, but the ultimate take away from all of the IB program classes I have visited since last spring—sciences, English, visual arts and ToK—is that students are always challenged to go beyond the basics of education. They are pushed to question what they know, taught to ask why they know what they know, and asked to delve into how they know what they know about themselves and the world in which they live.

Want a glimpse into the most recent ToK class I visited? Let’s go …

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Journey Into the IB Program: Part III

Who are you?

That’s a question that many adults struggle to answer, but that’s exactly what was asked of students in the first year of IB Visual Arts. Using materials in the classroom, students were asked to represent who they are with collages. The directions from Mr. Fran Poisson were limited: Make a collage that represents you.

Three bins of magazines later, the class had collages pinned to the corkboard in the classroom, and each piece of art was discussed.

Everyone failed the assignment. Continue reading Journey Into the IB Program: Part III

Journey Into the IB Program, Part II

How do imagination and belief affect knowledge? Does imagination and belief impede or support our ability to consider new facts? In this particular Theory of Knowledge class, we broadened our discussion to general concepts of induction versus deduction: how do data and theory relate?

One particular question from Mr. Boyd sparked a debate that prompted us to leave our seats and assemble around the room according to our beliefs: Are GMO’s [genetically modified organisms] good or bad?

The majority of the class assembled in the area of “bad” while three of us hovered in the middle, and two stood on the side of “good.” Mr. Boyd encouraged us to discuss, debate and have an open mind; we might even find ourselves opting to change our stance. “How do you know? What do you have to support your belief?” Continue reading Journey Into the IB Program, Part II

Journey into the IB Program: Part I

A series reflection by Director of Communications Stacy Jagodowski.

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though 
nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is 
a miracle.” ― Albert Einstein

“Which statement do you agree with? Why?” These were the opening questions in the first  Theory of Knowledge (ToK) class of the year, taught by Mr. Chip Boyd. That quotation and those questions set the tone for the year. This was going to be a class based on beliefs, discussion, debate, philosophy, science and evidence, and I was excited.

There is no better way, that I can think of, to truly discover the essence of the International Baccalaureate® Diploma Programme (IB Program), one of our signature programs at Cheshire Academy, than to actually take the classes. Let me introduce myself:
I’m Ms. Jago, director of communications, and now I’m also, Ms. Jago, “IB student.” Continue reading Journey into the IB Program: Part I