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10 Ways to Use Class Notes to Build Alumni Relationships

Most private schools have a magazine, which usually contains a widely read section known as “Class Notes.”¬†Class notes are an opportunity for alumni to share updates about their lives with the school, which the school then publishes in their magazine or online.

Class notes are one of the most popular sections of most alumni magazines, but they are more than just interesting updates. Class Notes are a prime opportunity for development and alumni professionals to build and foster lasting relationships that can lead to long-term alumni support. Not sure how? Here are 10 ways that you can use Class Notes to build stronger alumni relationships.

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Cheshire Magazine!

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Want to learn more about CA’s history, what some of our alums are up to, and read in-depth articles about our students and their current projects? We have a whole database of Cheshire Magazine issues, the schools exclusive bi-annual publication capturing fall and spring semesters in the world of CA. Our Spring 2012 issue captures the creative life of our students and alumni, from an editorial on The New Yorker Theatre critic and esteemed alum Wollcott Gibbs ’20, to current technology in our music classes. Keep an eye out for our Fall 2012 issue, which hits the stands next week! For back issues, click below:

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Spring 2011

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You can also flip through our annual student literary publication, Juxtaposition 2012!